Report from 15/05/2018

I ask each and every patient that I fit an appliance for to give some feedback.
I always find out when patients are satisfied, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to write a usable patient report.
Patients come from all over Germany and it becomes very taxing having to chase up patients asking them to write a report.
At least from patients from the region, I do hear about how they are getting on with the Relaktor through the grapevine of their MF therapists.

Dear Mr. Vogel,
I wanted to give you some brief feedback on two patients that we are both currently treating.
Mrs. M. B was very impressed by the treatment combination with the Relaktor and MFT and emerged from the treatment in a much stronger position.
Mrs. A. is still at the very beginning stages of therapy, has severe problems, and I would be very much in favor of using the Relaktor in her case.
I hope that you are doing well and would like to thank your kind patient referrals on an ongoing basis.
With kind regards from Hall,
U. Miehlke

A little about patient A: I was very reluctant during the consultation. The appliance is a voluntary service provided on demand: it is not prescribed.
I would also not be offended if he does not opt for the treatment, particularly since he may have to bear the costs himself.
I consider my consultation to have been a success if the patient follows my recommendation to follow up with “speech-therapy treatment”.
That is something patients can get a prescription for.

Mrs. Ulrike Mielke, Schwäbisch Hall

The patient received a Relaktor in June 2015 and came in for a follow-up consultation in April 2016.
The state of his masticatory apparatus had visibly deteriorated because he had followed no MFT, even though he had been told that this is absolutely necessary.
The report from the patient is to be taken as a reminder that the Relaktor and MFT must be married together.