The Relaktor is a TMD / TMJ soft-tissue functional appliance that is worn at night.

The way that the Relaktor works is purely neuromuscular.

The Relaktor works in a gentle and minimally-invasive way to counteract dysfunctions of the facial muscles and to help restore physiological relaxed states…

The Relaktor is a purely physiotherapeutic device that is worn in the mouth and does not affect occlusion.
The plastic shielding worn in the oral vestibule balances out any disproportions that exist; they simulate the improved spatial conditions of the muscles combined with gently stretching the soft-tissue capsule.
The appliance has physiotherapeutic and orthopedic effects which are also learned by the body on a neuronal level (sensorimotor principle).
This explains why the relief provided does not just hold in the short term.

In cases of a healthy bite, the upper and lower jaws are found in a physiological rest position (ideally minimal): this means that the upper and lower sets of teeth are not touching, the lips are relaxed and closed, and the tongue rests at the height of the upper gums. The Relaktor aims to guide you to this position.

The Relaktor is patent-protected and is a registered trademark.

Using the Relaktor means costly and time-consuming diagnostic testing can be avoided.
The orthopedic effects that have repercussions on the entire body are not only felt by the patients themselves but can also be evaluated by physiotherapists.
Normal dentists do not have the training for this.
Its minimally-invasive mode of action means that it can be offered to patients as a relieving device.
Experience shows that excellent patient satisfaction (over 90 %) justifies this approach.
The relief and relaxation that is produced in the majority of cases is sufficient.

In the case of larger functional disorders, the Relaktor can only lessen complaints; it does, however, help patients to reach a state necessary for sensible and meaningful diagnosis, allowing the treating professional to create the fundamental conditions required, with minimum risk, so that the facial muscles can control the masticatory apparatus without complaints and in a neurologically normal way.

It makes the patient “fit for the dentist”.

As an immediate measure, a physiotherapy program, clearly illustrated and well explained, to achieve some level of relief.
With endorsement from Dr. Felix Stutz from Winterthur, Switzerland.
Masticatory musculature physiotherapy program (PDF)

Relaktor Patient Information (PDF)