When children exhibit visibly incompetent facial expressions that are in continuous movement and searching for an orientation, they are lethargic and often tired: this is often sign of a developing TMJ.

Functional appliances, correctly made, are ideal for children, to treat them at the root of the problem. Therapeutic support (an MF therapist) is necessary for this.

Unfortunately, the classical appliance construction has its flaws and there are major errors made in both its manufacture and use. Just looking online at the images available, you can find highly limiting appliances in the main, which no child should be made to wear. The focus on orthodontic control functions makes the appliances unusable as therapeutic devices.

The Relaktor is perfectly suited in cases of TMD / TMJ issues due to its construction as a purely physiotherapeutic device. It works to relax muscles, automatically supporting MF treatment, and is reported by patients as being comfortable to wear.

The device is many times more effective in patients that are still growing compared to in adults. It’s balanced effects on the facial musculature guide the development of the bite towards a corrected position. We cannot use the term minimally-invasive in this regard; the masticatory apparatus will show significant (positive) changes.

“Only when functional appliances are used and understood as physiotherapeutic devices that work orthopedically can they be used successfully.”
(Prof. Rolf Fränkel)

This applies to all aids that are used in growing patients. They should only be used temporarily, for as short a period as is possible.
Even the very best therapeutic devices act as an impediment to natural growth processes.

Devices with orthodontic control functions cause harm to children who suffer from physical, neuronal or psychological stress states.