TMD / TMJ therapy with the Relaktor

works on a causal basis and is a necessary “paradigm shift” with regards to the principles of dental medicine. The Relaktor is a minimally-invasive physiotherapeutic device and has no effect on the teeth.

It is a myofunctional trainer

The patient is considered as a whole across his/her entire development
(developmental biology).
A crucial role is played by the supporting functions in the lip (perioral) region
(mouth closure).
In CMD/MAP patients, this vital developmental step is either missing or lacking.
This means that no useful muscular inductions (myofunctions) develop, which are needed for proper breathing and oral functional spaces for developmental needs.
Defects in the masticatory apparatus and the respiratory function are visible consequences of these processes, which can find their origins in the infant years.
Once growth has completed, these poor developments manifest and the body becomes adjusted. But this muscular balance is very relative: how prone each subject is to being affected depends on severity.

The Relaktor is no wonder appliance, and independently supports a process of bringing the facial muscles back into balance.
Its relaxing effects alleviate day-to-day symptoms.
The appliance is mainly worn at night. However, it can also be used during the day, because speech (with a little practice) is not impeded by the device.
The therapy is only effective, however, when used in combination with MF therapists to improve muscle tone (myofunctions).

In the majority of cases, this is sufficient to render the shortcomings of the masticatory apparatus (and the body’s structures that have become adapted to it) complaint-free.

Myofunctional therapy and the Relaktor should be thought of together.